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NOTE: All tickets purchased after the 1st of July will be E-tickets ONLY!

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Saturday Sneak-In Special 11:00-17.30
Brand guests, exclusive Atelier Pierrot/Fairy Wish/Victorian Maiden fashion show, access to the butler cafe, UK J-fashion community catwalk and awards, "Regency Under Review" show, bring and buy boutique, "Dwellers From The Forest" Mori girl special, the "Austentatious" department store and more!

Saturday Great Spectacle 09:45-22.30
ALL saturday daytime attractions, competitions, special performances, Regency cotillion (ball), special Butler Banquet, Kawaii Karaoke Kombat, disco dance with DJ, purikura photos.

Grand Excursion ALL WEEKEND
ALL saturday daytime and evening attractions, brand guests, costumed abbey explorations, Lolita and Mori boutiques, treasure hunts and quests, "Dwellers From the Forest" main Mori girl fashion show, Austen talks and guests - and gift reticules (exclusive AatA gift bags)!

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